You are the most beautiful girl in the world”

"You’re just saying that"

"No! I’m madly in love with you and it’s not because of your brains or your personality"

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)
Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

I want this said at my wedding.

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What feminism encourages women to do according to Pat Robertson (Found here; For a related post, click here

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The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread


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My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.
(note to self)

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so how do we feel about these sexy' frozen costumes » 

So much hate for this. Hate.

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September 26:

1998 – Cameron Diaz hosted the Season 24 premiere with musical guest The Smashing Pumpkins. This was the first show for featured players Jimmy Fallon, Chris Parnell, and Horatio Sanz, and included commercial parody “Oops I Crapped My Pants”.
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Frog reading to younger frog at Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, GA.

Duct tape note next to a tip bucket at Music Midtown.


We want this on our wall! #regram via @designsponge

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Illustrator Lili Chin's adorable series Dogs of the World illustrates 192 breeds of dogs grouped according to geographical origin.

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Lana Del Awesome at Music Midtown 2014.

I love Lana Del Awesome so much.


The most dangerous thing society teaches boys and men, especially white boys and men, is that their emotions are objective logic and reason and that anyone who disagrees is being irrational.

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Guys she’s so perfect

Missed Iggy bc the line was ridiculous. So jealous.

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